Landfill Gas To Energy

As each of us becomes increasingly aware of our impact on the environment, or carbon footprint, we tend to look at things such as how much fuel our cars use or what temperature we set our thermostats to. As well intentioned and helpful as these practices are, we as a society generate the leading anthropologic greenhouse gas emissions by the refuse we create. Each person in the United States generates approximately 4.5 pounds of solid waste per day, or almost one ton per year, most of which is deposited at privately owned or municipally owned landfill sites. As landfill waste decomposes in an oxygen deficient environment, it produces landfill gas (LFG), which is an ozone depleting pollutant as well as an explosive hazard if left uncontrolled. However, because LFG is approximately 50% methane, this renewable resource can be a valuable source of energy and what was once considered a liability can now be turned into an asset, creating a win-win for the landfill, community, industrial customer and the environment.

Who We Are

Toro Energy is a renewable energy company with offices in Dallas and Austin, Texas specializing in the landfill gas to energy business. Toro has executed agreements and implemented landfill gas to energy projects with fortune 100 Companies such as...
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What We Do

Toro converts methane gas produced from landfills into economic and environmental benefits for the community, landfill owners and industrial customers by using landfill gas to generate electricity, replacing traditional fossil fuel(s)...
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Toro works to create cost effective solutions for both the landfill and customer by implementing a project that creates the best strategic advantage for the particular project, taking into account tangible environmental benefits such as renewable energy credits, carbon credits in conjunction with the prevailing gas or electric prices for the region...
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